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02.02.2016 10:00

Why did more than 200,000 saiga antelopes die in less than two weeks?

In May 2015 an extraordinary scene unfolded on the steppes of central Kazakhstan. Female saigas gathered in their usual huge numbers to give birth on the open plain over a period of just 10 days, a spectacle thought to be a predator-swamping mechanism and a way to hit the peak of forage availability during lactation and calf growth. But this time, the females quickly became weak and uncoordinated, dying in a matter of hours. Soon a vast area stretching over hundreds of kilometres was littered with corpses. The calves followed soon after; within any given aggregation of tens of thousands of animals, it appeared that every single animal died over a period of a few days.


28.01.2016 10:00

Young Uzbek reporters seminar

Journalist training session for young people in Uzbekistan


27.01.2016 10:00

New Ranger Station in Russia

After the devastating news from Kazakhstan that 88% (over 200,000 saigas) of the Betpak-dala population died during the calving period in May 2015, it has never been more important to support the efforts of the anti-poaching ranger teams in protecting the last remaining saiga populations.

In 2015 the Wildlife Conservation Network and Disney sent the SCA emergency funds which we are most grateful for, as they allowed us to support the critical work which our colleagues in the North-West Pre-Caspian region are carrying out to protect their saiga population.


19.01.2016 10:00

Cartoon Celebration

Celebration for all those involved in producing the award-winning Steppe Tale II


17.01.2016 10:00

Saigas go to East Africa

Among all the events we have carried out for saiga conservation world in 2015, we wanted to highlight our first knowledge-exchange trip.


13.01.2016 10:00

На экраны выходит новый документальный фильм "Сайгаки Устюрта.

На экраны выходит новый документальный фильм "Сайгаки Устюрта.


12.01.2016 10:00

New film about protecting saigas in Uzbekistan

A new Reserve for Uzbekistan - watch how it will help restore the balance between people and nature.


22.12.2015 15:00

Saiga- based PhD opportunity at the University of Bristol

Great opportunity for a University of Bristol-based PhD, supervised by leading scientists in the field


08.12.2015 15:00

Compilation of Saiga-related articles in Oryx

Oryx, the journal, has put together a special collection of all the articles it has published on saigas, free to download.


02.11.2015 15:00

Countries Agree on Actions to Help Save Saiga Antelopes

At a UN backed meeting organized by the UNEP-Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) from 26 to 29 October 2015 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, governments and conservationists agreed on a concrete set of measures to restore saiga populations in Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia,Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. More than 70 participants attended the Third Meeting of Signatories to the CMS Memorandum of Understanding concerning Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable Use of the Saiga Antelopes (Saiga MOU), which was hosted by the Government of Uzbekistan.


02.11.2015 15:00

New Saiga video clip

The CMS has supported a new short video about the challenges faced by saigas in 2015. It's a must see.


04.09.2015 15:00

Update on the saiga antelope tragedy in Kazakhstan

Between 9th May and 3rd June this year, large herds of saigas at calving sites in the central population in Kazakhstan died suddenly.. 148,800* carcasses were counted at burial sites by the Government rangers but the true figure is likely to be many more. Our latest expedition to the migration area and die-off sites** reported many carcasses remained unburied and so the figure might be closer to 200,000. However, scientists did observe live animals, mostly males and surviving young saiga. Fortunately neither of the two other populations in Kazakhstan, nor those in Mongolia and Russia, were affected.


04.09.2015 15:00

Saiga Conservation Alliance’s first ‘Saiga Youth Wildlife Camp’

From 17-24th August 25 Uzbek children between the ages of 11-15 joined the SCA’s first ‘Saiga Youth Wildlife Camp’. 18 children from Karakalpakia, the region where saigas can still be found in Uzbekistan and 7 children from Tashkent who acted as ‘local guides’, as well as teachers, SCA members and local eco-camp volunteers and environmental educators, all came together and headed off to the Chimgan mountain range, 100km outside of Uzbekistan’s capital, Tashkent, for a week of camping and exciting outdoor eco-activities.


25.08.2015 15:00

See us at Expo in San Francisco

Join us on 10th October at Wildlife Conservation Expo in San Francisco, where the world's leading wildlife conservationists will come together to share their stories of saving wildlife around the world with you.


24.08.2015 15:00

Жақсы жаңалық!

Жақсы жаңалық! Сайга Ньюстың соңғы нөмірі шықты.


19.08.2015 15:00

Total Saiga!!

Marc's training for the Total Warrior Challenge in Edinburgh next month is well underway, and he's doing it to raise money to help save saigas.


14.08.2015 15:00

Ажойиб янгилик! «Сайга Ньюс»нингн сўнгги сони чиқди

Ажойиб янгилик! «Сайга Ньюс»нингн сўнгги сони чиқди


28.07.2015 15:00

Where's our saiga herd?

Desperately seeking our saiga friends....


28.07.2015 15:00

Latest news on mass mortalities

SAIGA RESEARCH EXPEDITION On 27th June 2015, a 12-day expedition was launched to investigate the reasons for the mass die-off of Saiga antelopes in May 2015. (On 5 June the official death toll stood at 134,000 saigas).

The main goal of this field mission was to follow the migration routes taken by saiga antelope this spring and take samples of the environmental components; water, soil, and vegetation, which may have all potentially affected the saigas, as well as investigating possible links with deaths of domestic animals and speaking to local people.


17.07.2015 15:00

Saiga News 19 now available online!

The latest issue of Saiga News (Issue 19) is now available to download in English.


17.07.2015 00:00

Хорошие новости! Вышел последний номер Сайга Ньюс

Хорошие новости! Вышел последний номер Сайга Ньюс


17.06.2015 00:01

Ever wanted to adopt a saiga?

Have you ever thought about ADOPTING A SAIGA? Well now you can and all funds raised go to help conserving this beautiful species.


03.06.2015 00:01


A sudden, mysterious outbreak of disease currently threatens the saiga’s existence. In just two weeks over 120,000 saigas have died, wiping out more than 35% of the world’s population.


30.05.2015 00:01


More than 120,000 saiga antelope have been confirmed dead in central Kazakhstan, representing more than a third of the global population. This is a major blow for conservation efforts given that saigas have in the past ten years only just started to recover from a global population size of less than 50,000 animals following a 95% crash in numbers.

Preliminary analysis indicates that a combination of environmental and biological factors is contributing to this catastrophic event, which has seen four large birth aggregations of this critically endangered antelope eradicated since mid-May this year. Primarily mothers and calves are amongst the carcasses; not a single animal survived in the affected herds.


25.05.2015 00:01


Please see our FaceBook pages to keep up to date on the latest news on this disaster:


06.05.2015 00:01

An Artist Steppe-ing Out By Rory McCann

As I am driven through Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, I see a city being rapidly developed. The Spring is late to arrive and the temperature is -9. There is snow piled everywhere and the river that passes through Astana is frozen solid, with people sat upon it, fishing through drilled holes in the ice. My first wildlife sightings are of the usual suspects – pigeons, gulls, crows and sparrows.

I am here to paint a mural depicting the wildlife of Kazakhstan’s steppe environment, with a particular focus on the saiga antelope – a comical-looking yet critically endangered species which originally inhabited a vast area of the Eurasian steppe zone.


27.04.2015 00:01

SCA awarded grant for critical research into Uzbekistan's saigas

We are thrilled to announce that People’s Trust for Endangered Species has just awarded the SCA a grant to carry out critically needed research into the most viable saiga population in Uzbekistan.

With an estimated resident population of only 500 saigas in Uzbekistan we are facing the very real risk of losing them from another of their traditional ranges.


13.04.2015 00:01

Donate to the SCA for free!

Did you know if you book via Give as you Live at your favourite travel agents like Thomas Cook and Thomson, you can raise a free donation for us?!


10.04.2015 00:01

2015 Award for Excellence in Saiga Protection launched

You will have seen our updates on the incredible people and teams who were honoured in the 2014 awards. Today we launch the search for the special individuals and teams who go the extra mile to protect saigas in our 2015 Award for Excellence in Saiga Protection


09.04.2015 23:59

2015 Премия за выдающиеся достижения в охране сайгака запущен

Вы видели наши обновления на невероятных людей и команд, которые были удостоены в 2014 наград. Сегодня мы запускаем поиск специальных людей и команд, которые идут лишнюю милю, чтобы охранять сайгаков в нашем 2015 премии за выдающиеся достижения в охране сайгака


06.04.2015 16:45

UPDATE on the 2014 Award for Excellence in Saiga Protection... The rangers of the Stepnoi Reserve

In 2014 the SCA recognised the dedication of the rangers of the Stepnoi Reserve – Kalmykia, Russia in our Award for Excellence in Saiga Protection

The Stepnoi State Nature Reserve covers an area of 119 thousand. Ha, established in 2000 it is one of the few places where a population of about 3,500 saigas can be seen almost all year round. The small, yet dedicated group of rangers feel very protective towards their saigas and endure some extreme conditions to keep them safe.


02.04.2015 10:25

UPDATE on the 2014 SCA Award for Excellence in Saiga Protection... Baljinnyam Batsaikhan

Baljinnyam Batsaikhan was a winner of the 2014 SCA Award for Excellence in Saiga Protection. Baljinnyam, is a state environmental inspector and a leader of the Saiga ranger network team, and has been working with the WWF Mongolia Programme since 2006.


01.04.2015 11:55

Supporting the Centre for Wild Animals in Kalmykia

This wonderful centre, run by professor Yuri Arylov was established in 2002 with funding from the local Kalmyk government in order to address the devastating decline in saigas across the region.

The CWA was founded primarily as a saiga breeding centre, in order to maintain a saiga gene pool and to breed and raise captive saigas. However, since its opening the centre has done so much more to help this critically endangered species.


31.03.2015 16:45

UPDATE on the 2014 SCA Award for Excellence in Saiga Protection

The overall winners of the 2014 SCA Award for Excellence in Saiga Protection were the rangers of the Irgiz Turgai State Nature Reserve in Kazakhstan. Before we launch the 2015 award next week let's take a look at what makes this team so special


30.03.2015 10:00

Интервью с Айгуль Айтбаевой , стипендианткой Премии Альянса по сохранению сайгака для молодых лидеров в области охраны природы в 2014 г.

Айгуль Айтбаевой 25 лет. Она работает в «Центре диких животных Республики Калмыкия», Россия. Данная премия позволила ей разработать небольшой красочный буклет о сайгаках для детей.


27.03.2015 18:00

Call for entries for the 2015 Young Conservation Leaders Award

Following on from the success of the 2014 Young Conservation Leaders award, the Saiga Conservation Alliance is pleased to launch the 2015 call for entries from young conservationists based in China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and Uzbekistan.


27.03.2015 17:00

Объявление о возможности получения Премии Альянс по сохранению сайгака 2015 года для молодых лидеров в области охраны окружающей среды

Исходя из успешного опыта проведения в 2014 г. конкурса для молодых лидеров в области охраны окружающей среды, Альянс по сохранению сайгака рад объявить об объявлении в 2015 г. аналогичного конкурса проектов для молодых экологов из Казахстана, Китая, Монголии, России и Узбекистана.


25.03.2015 13:00

An interview with Olya Esipova, 2014 SCA Young Conservation Leader

In 2014 the SCA recognised Olya Esipova as one of its 2014 SCA Young Conservation Leaders, a year later we caught up with her to find out what she has being doing since she received the award.


23.03.2015 10:00

An interview with Aigul Aitbaeva 2014 SCA Young Conservation Leader

In 2014 the SCA recognised Aigul Aitbaeva as one of its 2014 SCA Young Conservation Leaders, a year later we caught up with Aigul to find out what she has being doing since she received the award.


21.03.2015 10:00

An interview with Sergelen Erdenebaatar 2014 SCA Young Conservation Leader

In 2014 the SCA recognised Sergelen Erdenebaatar as one of its 2014 SCA Young Conservation Leaders, a year later we caught up with him to find out what he has being doing since he received the award.


16.03.2015 10:00

Saiga Competition in Kazakhstan receives over 3000 entries

Saiga - a symbol of the Kazakh steppe

This winter children from all over Kazakhstan submitted their entries to the first ever national "Saiga - a symbol of the Kazakh steppe" contest.


17.02.2015 10:00

Assessing population abundance and distribution in Western Mongolia

Every year the SCA runs a Small Grants Programme, funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which allows us to support exciting conservation initiatives that help secure a future for this wonderful species. Last year we funded Bayarbaatar Buuveibaatar's essential research into the population size and factors impacting distribution in Western Mongolia.


10.02.2015 10:00

Can satellite technology help save saigas?

Every year the SCA runs a Small Grants Programme, funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which allows us to support exciting conservation initiatives that help ensure the future of this wonderful species. Last year we funded research into the possibility of using high resolution satellite imagery to track and monitor saigas.

What was the verdict? Read on...


04.02.2015 10:00

Tackling the Illegal consumption and trade of saigas

In 2014, as part of his Masters course at Imperial College London, Forrest Hogg travelled to Kalmykia, Russia to carry out research into the difficult subject of the illegal hunting and consumption of saigas.

Read a summary of his report and download the full report here.


03.02.2015 10:00

Борьба с незаконным потреблением и оборотом сайгаков

В 2014 году, как часть его обучения в магистратуре в Имперском колледже Лондона, Форрест Хогг отправился в Калмыкии, России проводить исследования в этой сложной проблемы незаконного охоты и потребления сайгаков.

Чтобы прочитать резюме и полный отчет, пожалуйста, скачайте PDF ниже


26.01.2015 10:00

How can we best engage people in saiga conservation?

In 2014, as part of their Masters courses at Imperial College London, Katie Mabbutt and Sophie Elliott travelled to Kazakhstan to carry out research into topics critical to the conservation of the saiga antelope.

The students were lucky enough to be able to take part in various Saiga Day festivities, speak with local adults and children, and to research the impact our work is having in these remote regions. Their results were very encouraging and each made insightful recommendations for future saiga conservation programmes.


14.01.2015 15:00

SCA Uzbekistan go to Kenya

See what happens when the SCA meet Ewaso Lions, Grevy's Zebra Trust and Save the Elephants


12.01.2015 10:00

Создан новый мультфильм о сайгаке

Мы вновь пригласили детей поучаствовать в совместном создании 2 серии мультфильма. «Степная сказка-2» - анимационный фильм, сделанный SCAна студии Гала-фильм с использованием замечательных детских рисунков. Детские голоса также звучат за кадром, поскольку дети помогли также озвучить мультфильм на русском, узбекском и английском языках.


22.12.2014 10:00

New saiga cartoon launched

We have once again teamed up with local Uzbek children for a gripping new saiga cartoon, “A Steppe Tale 2.” They painted all the images and provided Uzbek, Russian and English voice-overs.


03.12.2014 10:00

Mother and daughter conservation team - saving saigas

SCA co-founder Elena Bykova is a regular to WCN’s expo in San Francisco, but this year her 19 year old daughter Olya, who is also one of SCA’s Young Conservationists, attended with her.


01.12.2014 14:00

Young people celebrate the saiga antelope

SCA’s latest initiative to involve teenagers in the conservation of their environment and in particular the saiga antelope is really taking off. A network of ‘Steppe Wildlife clubs’ has been rolled out across Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan. Aimed at teenagers, who are the next generation of conservationists (or poachers) the clubs open a door to a fascinating world of wildlife, engaging teenagers in their local environment and how they can become actively involved in safeguarding it.


01.12.2014 10:00

Kazakh conservation success story!

Following the results of the 2014 spring aerial survey of saiga antelope numbers in Kazakhstan it has been possible to assess the success of conservation measures taken by dedicated conservationists and local people to protect them.


01.12.2014 10:00

Uzbek mural project a hit

British wildlife artist Rory McCann travelled to Uzbekistan to engage with local children and paint a mural depicting Steppe wildlife–and so launched a completely new approach to saiga conservation.


28.11.2014 10:00

Beautiful hand-crafted embroidered bags for sale

Fabulous gifts and cards are available from the website.

The women who take part in our alternative livelihood project in Uzbekistan have produced some beautiful and unique traditional embroidered bags, a variety of colourful designs and styles of bags can be ordered at in time for you to receive them before for the holidays.


25.11.2014 10:00

Running for saigas

SCA star supporter Sean Denny is in training to run the Bristol half marathon in aid of the Saiga Conservation Alliance. We will follow his progress on our Facebook page as his training ramps up...


16.10.2014 10:00

Autumn edition of Saiga Spotlight out now

Have a look at the latest news from the SCA in out new-format Saiga Spotlight.


19.09.2014 10:00

Хорошие новости! Вышел последний номер Сайга Ньюс

Хорошие новости! Вышел последний номер Сайга Ньюс

19.09.2014 10:00

Good news! The latest issue of Saiga News is now available

Read about the impact of the Uzbek-Kazakh border fence on saiga migrations, how customs are using detector dogs to find smuggled saiga horn, the latest SCA conservation projects and much much more...


07.07.2014 10:00

Award for Excellence in Saiga Protection - Winners announced

We are very excited to announce the winners of our new Saiga Conservation Alliance Award for Excellence in Saiga Protection, in memory of SCA donor and friend Joy Covey. The 2014 award is supported by the Wildlife Conservation Network and Joy’s family, to whom we are especially grateful.


07.07.2014 10:00

Премии Альянс по сохранению сайгака 2014 года имени Joy Covey за выдающиеся достижения в охране сайгака

Мы с радостью представляем победителей новой премии Альянса по сохранению сайгака за успехи в деле охраны сайгака. Эта премия посвящена памяти Джой Ковей - донора и друга SCA. В 2014 году премия финансируется Сетью Сохранения Дикой природы и семьей Джой Ковей, которой мы выражаем особую признательность.


04.07.2014 10:00

Saiga Stamps issued

Uzbekistan’s post office has issued a series of stamps devoted to rare species that inhabit the country and are listed in its Red Data Book.


04.07.2014 10:00

В Узбекистане вышла марка с изображением сайгака

30 мая 2014 года почта Узбекистана выпустила в обращение 2 марки и почтовый блок, посвященные редким животным, которые обитают на территории республики и занесены в Красную книгу Узбекистана.


30.06.2014 10:00

Young Conservation Winners announced

The aim of the award, which we hope to make annual, is to support the next generation of saiga leaders, recognise their contributions to saiga conservation, and bring them together to build a network across the whole saiga range so that they can share experiences and inspire others.


30.06.2014 10:00

Премии Альянс по сохранению сайгака 2014 года для молодых лидеров в деле охраны окружающей среды

Мы очень рады объявить имена победителей нашей новой премии для молодежи, работающей в области охраны природы, проживающей в Китае, Казахстане, Монголии, России и Узбекистане.


20.06.2014 10:00

New SCA mural is a conservation success story!

This spring, a completely new approach to Saiga conservation was trialled in Uzbekistan. British wildlife artist Rory McCann travelled to Karakalpakstan, in Uzbekistan, to paint a mural depicting the wildlife of the steppe habitat. Uzbek student Olga Esipova assisted Rory with communications and painting.

The idea was to improve attitudes towards the conservation of the Saiga through the creation of a terrific mural painting with the participation of local children. The mural was painted in one of regional schools, and lots of local students were involved. This project was made possible by the generous support of the Coins for change programme, Disney Canada – which funds vital conservation work all over the world.


02.05.2014 10:00

Saiga presentation in London

A rare opportunity to see E.J. Milner-Gulland speaking about saiga conservation - Join us in London this month.


08.04.2014 10:00

Saiga Poacher becomes Saiga Friend

Konstantin Savitsky is 48 years old, he used to poach the critically endangered saiga antelope, but now works with the Saiga Conservation Alliance to help protect them. We spoke to Konstantin to understand why he became a poacher and what happened to change his mind and help him decide to work with us.


08.04.2014 10:00

What's coming up for the SCA?

The next few months will be a busy time for SCA members in the field, as thanks to our donors as we have a multitude of activities lined up. We are very excited about welcoming Rory McCann; conservationist and artist, to rural Uzbekistan where he will be involving local children in painting a mural in the centre of their town. The mural has been conceived by the children and centres around the theme ‘Our wildlife, our home’.


08.04.2014 10:00

What does new infrastructure mean for saiga migrations?

When a barbed wire border fence was erected between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and a new railway began to be laid it looked like the end of the line for the saiga’s essential migrations. Two years down the line what has the SCA’s research yielded, and has our work to support government to make changes paid off?


01.04.2014 10:00

SCA releases saiga song and music video

The SCA is branching out into the pop music world with the release of a song and video about saiga.


27.03.2014 18:00

Сайғоқни сақлаш бўйича альянснинг атроф муҳит муҳофазаси ишидаги ёш йўлбошчилар учун 2014 йил мукофоти

Сайғоқни сақлаш бўйича альянс Қозоғистон, Хитой, Мўғулистон, Россия ва Ўзбекистонда яшовчи атроф муҳит муҳофазаси ишидаги ёш йўлбошчилар учун янги мукофот ҳақида эълон қилишдан мамнун.

Сайғоқни сақлаш бўйича альянс ёш экологлар авлоди вакилларини қўллаб-қувватлаш ўта муҳимлигини тан олади. Ушбу мукофот доирасида ёш йўлбошчилар учун Альянс бешта нафсониятли атроф муҳит ҳимоячисини 1000 АҚШ доллари миқдоридаги грантлар ҳисобига қўллаб-қувватлаши мумкин.


19.03.2014 18:00

Қоршаған ортаны қорғау ісінде 2014 жылы ақбөкендерді сақтау Альянсы сыйлық ақысын алу мумкіндігі туралы жас көшбасшыларға арнайы хабарландыру

Ақбөкендерді сақтау Альянсы Қазақстанда, Қытайда, Монғолияда, Ресейде, Өзбекстанда тұратын жас көшбасшыларға арналған қоршаған ортаны қорғау жұмыстары бойынша жаңа сыйлық ақы туралы қуана хабарлайды


19.03.2014 18:00


赛加羚羊保护联盟(SCA)很高兴地宣布:将会为来自中国、哈萨克斯坦、蒙古、俄罗斯和乌兹别克斯坦的年轻人,设置“青年保护领导者”奖。 SCA正意识到工作的当务之急是要支持下一代的保育者开展保护工作,所以“青年保护领导者”奖将会支持5名有抱负的保育者,每人资助1000美金(分两次支付,每次500美元,需要确定项目进展良好后再进行第二次的支付)。


19.03.2014 00:00

The Saiga Conservation Alliance (SCA) - "Байгаль Хамгааллын Залуу Манлайлагч" Тэтгэлэгт Хөтөлбөр 2014

The Saiga Conservation Alliance (SCA) буюу Бөхөн Хамгаалах Холбоо нь Хятад, Казакстан, Монгол, ОХУ, Узбекистан зэрэг бөхөн тархсан орнуудын 18-30 насны залуу судлаачдад зориулсан "Байгаль Хамгааллын Залуу Манлайлагч" тэтгэлэгт хөтөлбөрийг хэрэгжүүлж эхлэхээр болсныг дуулгахад таатай байна.


17.03.2014 18:00

Мониторинг популяции сайгака в Калмыкии, России

С 2008 года сотрудники Центра диких животных Республики Калмыкия, Россия, сотрудничают с местными фермерами, чтобы следить за изменениями, происходящими с численностью сайгака. Этот проект направлен не только на предоставление ценной информацию об изменениях, происходящих с популяцией сайгака, обитающей в Северо-Западном Прикаспии, но также направлен на содействие выработки положительного отношения к сайгакам и на снижение уровня браконьерства путем привлечения местных фермеров к мероприятиям по сохранению сайгака, а также предоставления им альтернативных источников дохода.


17.03.2014 18:00

Monitoring saiga populations in Kalmykia, Russia

Since 2008 the Centre for Wild Animals in Kalmykia, Russia, has worked with local farmers to monitor changes in the numbers of saiga. This project not only aims to provide valuable information on changes to the Pre-Caspian saiga population, but also by engaging local farmers in saiga conservation and providing them with an alternative income source, aims to promote positive attitudes towards saiga and reduce levels of poaching.


11.03.2014 00:01

Сайхан мэдээ! "Бөхөнгийн мэдээ" сэтгүүлийн шинэ дугаар бэлэн боллоо

Сайхан мэдээ! "Бөхөнгийн мэдээ" сэтгүүлийн шинэ дугаар бэлэн боллоо


11.03.2014 00:01

Премия Альянс по сохранению сайгака 2014 года за выдающиеся достижения в охране сайгака, в память о Joy Covey.

Объявление о возможности получения Премии Альянс по сохранению сайгака 2014 года имени Joy Covey за выдающиеся достижения в охране сайгака Альянс по сохранению сайгака объявляет конкурс на получение премии за работу по сохранению сайгака. Эта премия посвящена памяти Joy Covey - донора и другу Альянса. .


11.03.2014 00:00

The Saiga Conservation Alliance 2014 Award for Excellence in Saiga Protection, in memory of Joy Covey.

The Saiga Conservation Alliance is seeking nominations for an award for saiga protection, in memory of SCA donor and friend Joy Covey.


25.02.2014 00:00

SCA funded Young Conservation Leaders Award Launched

The Saiga Conservation Alliance is pleased to announce a new award for Young Conservation Leaders based in China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and Uzbekistan.

The SCA recognises that it is imperative to support the next generation of conservationists, and so with our Young Conservation Leaders award we will be able to support five aspiring conservationists with grants of $1000 each.


25.02.2014 00:00

Объявление о возможности получения

Альянс по сохранению сайгака рад сообщить о новой премии для молодых лидеров в деле охраны окружающей среды, проживающих в Казахстане, Китае, Монголии, России и Узбекистане.

Альянс по сохранению сайгака признает особую важность поддержки представителей молодого поколения экологов. В рамках данной премии для молодых лидеров Альянс сможет поддержать пять амбициозных защитников окружающей среды за счет грантов, в размере 1000 долларов США.


18.02.2014 00:00

Saigas for sale! Own your very own saiga antelope!

Now you can own your very own Saiga....


30.01.2014 13:00

Small Grants Programme Winners Announced.

The SCA is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Small Grants Programme, generously supported by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.


24.01.2014 10:00

Saiga Day wins environmental award

The SCA has been awarded the 'Best Environmental Programme' of 2013 in Uzbekistan for its popular Saiga Day initiative.


11.12.2013 10:00

SCA takes part in the Wildlife Conservation Expo in San Francisco, USA

In early October the SCA’s very own Elena Bykova took to the stage alongside renowned conservationists such as primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall from the Jane Goodall Institute and Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton from Save the Elephants, to tell a packed auditorium about the plight of the saiga.


11.12.2013 10:00

Migratory species celebrated in Uzbekistan

In November the SCA held the first ‘Day of Migratory Species’ celebrations in Uzbekistan. A joint effort between the SCA and the new Steppe Wildlife Clubs. With games such as ‘What? Where? When?’ the children learnt about species such as Saigas Mountain Gorillas, African Elephants, Sharks, Whales, Green turtles and more, in a fun way, with many surprised to learn that butterflies and bats could migrate across national borders.


11.12.2013 10:00

Your opportunity to see saigas in the wild

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience vast herds of saiga coming together to calve? Well from next Spring you could visit the stunning Kazakh steppe to see this phenomenon up close, to take photos of the critically endangered new-born calves, or perhaps to even take part in the collection of scientific data with our experts.


11.12.2013 10:00

Mongolia honours saiga champion

Mongolia has recognised the tireless dedication and conservation work of Dr. Jungius’ and has awarded him the medal of “Friendship” for his contribution to the protection of the environment and wildlife of Mongolia. We would like to add our thanks to Dr. Jungius for all his work to raise awareness of the plight of saigas and to battle for their protection in the region.


11.12.2013 10:00

Saiga conservation inspires young artists and writers

In November the Saiga breeding center ‘Yashkulskiy’, in the Republic of Kalmykia, Russia, hosted the winners of a nationwide competition for children. The competition, which was entitled ‘Steppe antelope’, received more than 200 entries in four different categories: Drawing, handicrafts, poem and the ‘sorry’ category.


19.11.2013 10:00

Saiga News 17 now available online!

The Autumn 2013 issue of Saiga News (Issue 17) is now available to download in English and Russian.


17.10.2013 10:00

Saiga Spotlight Fall 2013 now available online!

The Fall/Autumn 2013 issue of Saiga Spotlight, our annual newsletter made especially for SCA supporters and saiga fans, is now available to download.

09.07.2013 13:50

Saiga Resource Centre launched

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Saiga Resource Centre (SRC) website. The SRC will help to track progress towards fulfilment of the CMS MoU on saiga conservation and acts as a portal for those interested in saiga conservation.


13.12.2012 13:50

Winners of the 2012 Small Grants Programme

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 round of the SCA’s small grants competition.


28.11.2012 17:42

Government of Kazakhstan sign designation document for new nature reserve

The government of Kazakhstan have officially signed the designation document for a new nature reserve within the range of the Betpak-dala saiga population.


24.10.2012 15:30

Disney's Club Penguin: Earth Day 2011 video

Check out this video from Disney's Club Penguin. They've very kindly been supporting our projects with local school children in Uzbekistan for a number of years and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude. Programmes such as Earth Day are enormously beneficial to our work and we are extremely grateful to Disney and all the kids at Club Penguin.

24.10.2012 10:00

Saiga Spotlight Fall 2012 now available online!

The Fall 2012 issue of Saiga Spotlight, our annual newsletter made especially for SCA supporters and saiga fans, is now available to download.

17.09.2012 10:00

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Small Grants Programme 2012

The deadline for applications for the SCA 2012 Small Grants Programme has been extended to 15th October 2012.


10.09.2012 10:00

Saiga News 15 now available online!

The Summer 2012 issue of Saiga News (Issue 15) is now available to download in English and Russian.

16.07.2012 14:40

Small Grants Programme 2012

We are happy to announce that the 2012 Small Grants Programme is now open for applications.


19.04.2012 09:00

SCA's Elena Bykova featured in new book profiling the lives and work of 40 of the world's leading conservationists

SCA founding member and Executive Secretary Elena Bykova has very kindly been included in a new book profiling the efforts of some of the world's leading conservationists for her work with saigas in Uzbekistan.


12.03.2012 10:00

Saiga News 14 now available online

The Winter 2011/12 issue of Saiga News (Issue 14) is now available to download in English and Russian.

09.02.2012 09:00

Call for saiga conservation project data

The SCA and the Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity in Kazakhstan are working together to develop a comprehensive online database of all projects which address the conservation and sustainable use of the saiga antelope.

24.12.2011 09:00

Winners of the USFWS-funded Small Grants programme 2011

We are pleased to announce the winners of the USFWS-funded Small Grants programme 2011


07.11.2011 13:50

Winners of the 2011 Small Grants Programme

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2011 round of the SCA’s small grants competition.


20.08.2011 10:00

Saiga News 13 now available online

The Summer 2011 issue of Saiga News (Issue 13) is now available to download in English and Russian.

06.07.2011 14:40

Small Grants Programme 2011

We are happy to announce that the 2011 Small Grants Programme is now open for applications.


17.05.2011 08:30

David Attenborough narrates video highlighting plight of the saiga and work of SCA's Elena Bykova

The SCA's Executive Secretary Elena Bykova received a prestigious Whitley Award, sponsored by the Scottish Friends of the WFN, for her work engaging local communities in saiga conservation. This short, David Attenborough-narrated video draws attention to this work, and features footage of the beautiful and enigmatic, yet Critically Endangered, saiga antelope in action.

03.05.2011 09:00

Mongabay publish article on our new ecotour to Southern Russia (one of the world's most popular environmental science and conservation news sites) have published an article reviewing our new saiga ecotour.

12.04.2011 12:00

SCA Launches First International Saiga Ecotour to Southern Russia

We are happy to announce the launch of the first international saiga ecotour to southern Russia.


07.04.2011 09:00

SCA Executive Secretary Elena Bykova short-listed for prestigious Whitley Award

Great news! The SCA's Executive Secretary Elena Bykova has been short-listed for a Whitley Award - a high-profile, international conservation prize.


14.03.2011 10:00

Saiga News 12 now available online

The Winter 2010/11 issue of Saiga News (Issue 12) is now available to download in English and Russian.

21.02.2011 09:00

CMS Press Release: Priority Action Kicks Off for the Antelope from the Eurasian Steppes

Representatives of wildlife management authorities in Kazakhstan and experts came together 17-18 February in central Kazakhstan to discuss the implementation of the CMS Memoranda of Understanding on the Saiga Antelope (Saiga spp.) and the Bukhara Deer (Cervus elaphus bactrianus).

25.11.2010 09:00

Conservation of Kazakh saiga population hampered by continued poaching

EurasiaNet report on warning from the Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture of substantial and continuing poaching in the region

17.08.2010 10:00

Saiga News 11 now available online

The summer 2010 issue of Saiga News (Issue 11) is now available to download in Chinese, English, Kazakh, Russian and Uzbek.

31.07.2010 09:00

Saiga News - author guidelines

Author guidelines for Saiga News: the biennial newsletter of the Saiga Conservation Alliance. We provide information about recent developments in saiga conservation and ecology to a broad readership with an interest in saiga conservation.


28.05.2010 09:29

Mass mortality among saigas in Kazakhstan: 12,000 dead

Nearly 12,000 Critically Endangered saiga antelopes have been found dead over the last week in the Ural population in western Kazakhstan.


23.05.2010 14:40

Small Grants Programme 2010

We are happy to announce that the 2010 Small Grants Programme is now open for applications.


23.05.2010 09:00

Saiga Conservation Alliance attains registered charity status

As of 10 May 2010 the Saiga Conservation Alliance is a registered charity; registered with and regulated by the Charity Commission for England and Wales (registered charity no.1135851).


22.04.2010 09:00

IFAW report critical decline in Kalymykian saiga population

The International Fund for Animal Welfare report expert findings of a critical decline in the Kalmykian saiga population. Saiga numbers reportedly dropped from 14-15 thousand individuals to 8-9 thousand in the North-West Caspian region in the past year.

18.03.2010 09:00

Emergency appeal: saigas of the pre-Caspian region of Russia under extreme threat

The SCA is launching an emergency appeal to help save the saiga population in pre-Caspian Russia, which is now under severe threat of extinction after a particularly harsh winter and renewed heavy poaching. Your help is needed urgently to strengthen anti-poaching capacity and raise local awareness.


15.03.2010 09:00

Efforts Under Way To Secure Central Asian Steppe Landscape

Western non-governmental organizations and their Central Asian partners have joined efforts to save the unique flora and fauna of the Ustyurt Plateau.

01.03.2010 10:00

Saiga News 10 now available online

Dear friends, the 10th issue of Saiga News (Winter 2009/10) is now available to download in English and Russian, packed full of updates on research, conservation and reporting on Saiga antelope across the entire range. Download your copy now.

01.03.2010 09:00

First article on saiga antelope published in Italian

First article on saiga antelope published in Italian by Corriere della Sera, Italy's most widely read daily newspaper.

07.02.2010 09:00

First international saiga ecotour to coincide with the Year of the Saiga

In collaboration with the Rostov-based tour company Saga Tours, and with the Saiga Conservation Alliance, the UK-based company Eastern Approaches is offering a new cultural tour of the saiga range area in southern Russia, to run in August 2010.


31.10.2009 18:31

Check out the Kazakh version of Saiga News 9 now!

The Kazakh version of Saiga News 9 is now available. Please follow the link for download.


31.10.2009 11:32

Featuring: saiga antelope in focus

International Council for Game and Conservation (CIC) reports on Saiga antelope at the International Union of Game Biologists Meeting 2009, Moscow, in their latest Newsletter.


22.09.2009 09:28

Saving the saiga in the wild- an interview with Elena Bykova

"I remember the time when the saiga was hunted and traded, and we all believed that it was one of most numerous game species in Eurasia,"


28.08.2009 11:20

Mongolian version of Saiga News 8 is now available online

The Mongolian version of the Saiga New 8 can be downloaded here.

04.08.2009 10:18

Saiga News 9 now available online

Dear SCA supporters. We take pleasure to lauch the much awaited 9th issue of saiga news, Full of recent updates on research, conservation and reporting on Saiga antelope across the entire range. Download your copy now.

17.06.2009 12:31

Convention on Migratory Species Assessment Report

Progress towards the fulfillment of the Convention on Migratory Species medium term international work programme for the Saiga antelope (for the period of October 2006- Oct 2008)


04.06.2009 10:52

Saiga News Issue 8 - Chinese version now online!

Our Chinese version of the saiga news issue 8 is now available online.

20.05.2009 09:00

Small Grants Programme 2009 Announced

The call for Small Grants Programme 2009 has been announced. For more information, click on the headline.

18.04.2009 17:56

Saiga Poachers caught in Mongolia

Mobile Anti Poaching Unit and police officer detained two Mongolian citizens that they killed 6 Mongolian Saiga.


15.04.2009 17:08

"Prestigious award for SCA Steering Committee member"

Alexander Esipov (Sasha), an active SCA steering committee member from Uzbekistan has won the prestigious Freeman Award for his commitment and contributions to conserving snow leopards in the wild. He has carried out nearly 3 decades of field work primarily in the study of mammals of Uzbekistan and other Central Asian states. Sasha is also on the steering committee of the Snow leopard Network. We congratulate Sasha on behalf of the whole Saiga and Conservation community.


07.04.2009 20:46

Saiga among 10 Animals on the Brink of Extinction

The saiga is one of the most rapidly declining mammals in the world.

06.04.2009 11:30

Population Of Unique Saiga Antelopes Declining, But Signs Of Optimism Exist

The saiga antelope is one of the world's strangest-looking mammals. Its bulbous, tubular nose filters out dust and warms cold air before it reaches the animal's windpipe. On Radio Free Europe - Radio Liberty - By Antoine Blua


05.04.2009 11:03

New Publication on Saiga Conservation by Dr. Aline Kuhl and others

The role of saiga poaching in rural communities: Linkages between attitudes, socio-economic circumstances and behaviour.


05.04.2009 10:43

Saiga population assessment in western Mongolia

Winter surveys of Saiga in Mongolia. Read more.....

23.03.2009 14:23

Saiga News Issue 8 - Uzbek and Kazakh versions now online!

Our Uzbek and Kazakh version of the saiga news issue 8 are now available online.

11.03.2009 11:16

Young saiga researcher wins top award!

Mongolian scientist Bayarbaatar Buuveibaatar wins a Sidney Byers Scholarship


04.03.2009 10:34

Quarter of antelope species threatened says new report

Saiga antelope the most threatened species in Asia, according to a new report by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.


26.02.2009 13:04

Introducting our Institutional Members: #1 CIC Wildlife

Starting in the January 2009 issue of Saiga News, each issue we will profile one of our existing institutional members. This month it is the turn of CIC Wildlife - The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation.


20.02.2009 12:22

Saiga article in PIRSCH magazine

German magazine PIRSCH features a full-length article on saiga


06.02.2009 17:50

Saiga News scoops top award in Uzbekistan

The SCA's biannual publication, Saiga News, has won a national award for the Best Environmental Publication in Uzbekistan.


08.12.2008 11:57

Centre for Wild Animals, Kalmykia profiled by Russia Today

Leading English language news channel Russia Today report on the captive saiga breeding centre in Southern Russia.


04.12.2008 15:35

Sponsor a saiga for Christmas!

The SCA have teamed up with our institutional member Spitalfields City Farm to offer saiga adoptions this Christmas! The money raised will go towards the Centre for Wild Animals in Kalmykia, one of the few successful saiga breeding centres in the world.


28.11.2008 18:36

Saigas adopted at the 9th CMS Conference of Parties

Adoptions will support the Stepnoi Sanctuary in Russia


10.11.2008 18:36

2nd Annual SCA Meeting held in Almaty

The SCA's 2nd Annual General Meeting was held on 31st October at the Institute of Zoology in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


07.11.2008 12:48

Small Grants winners announced!

малых грантов SCA 2008 г - Поздравляем всех победителей конкурса!


31.07.2008 22:11

SCA Small Grants Programme 2008 Announced!

Программа малых грантов 2008


23.07.2008 17:24

Saiga Talk on YouTube!

In June, SCA founder member Dr. Aline Kuhl was delighted to be invited by the ICCS to speak to members of the US Congress about saiga conservation. We're pleased to announce that her talk is now available to view on YouTube! Thanks to our institutional member CIC Wildlife for introducing us to the ICCS.


06.02.2008 14:09

Saiga featured in The Independent newspaper (UK)

An article in the Independent newspaper published on 31 January has higlighted saiga antelopes as one of the world's rare-but-ugly species that need greater attention from conservationists, the public and media alike.


17.01.2008 09:39

New institutional member and funding for a saiga schoolbook!

"BAG Eurasia of NABU" (the working group of the German Society for Nature Conservation (NABU) dealing with conservation projects in Europe and Asia), has just become the latest institutional member of the SCA. Additionally, BAG Eurasia has just announced that they will support the translation and adaptation of the SCA's environmental education materials for schoolchildren with a grant of €1,600.


17.01.2008 09:33

First round of SCA small grants awarded

With the support of the Wildlife Conservation Network, the Saiga Conservation Alliance has initiated a small grants competition. The first round was held in September 2007, and four projects were chosen for support by the Steering Committee


12.01.2008 11:03

Issue 6 of Saiga News available now!

The latest edition of Saiga News is now available to download in English and Russian language versions.


16.12.2007 15:37

Saiga meeting in Nukus, Uzbekistan, November 2007

On 23rd November 2007, a meeting took place in Nukus, Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan, entitled “Saiga conservation: methods for effective conservation of the Ustyurt saiga population in Uzbekistan”.


01.12.2007 12:51

Script Competition

If you're a budding script writer, there's a saiga script competition just for you...


08.10.2007 14:42

WCN Expo - fundraising for saiga

The Wildlife Conservation Network's Expo from the 3-7 October 2007 in San Francisco was a true success!


14.09.2007 07:32

SCA Meeting

The first official meeting of the Saiga Conservation Alliance on 12th/13th September 2007 in Tashkent was a true, inspiring success.


30.04.2007 14:42

Scholarship for saiga researcher

Young saiga scientist receives prestigious scholarship


30.11.2006 19:26

WCN Partner

SCA given Candidate Partner Status by the Wildlife Conservation Network.