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Visit our 'Kuralai' website to find out about our Alternative livelihood project in Uzbekistan, where local women are creating beautiful traditionally embroidered bags to help save saigas.

Saigas are one of the most threatened species on the planet. Their numbers declined by 95% in just 15 years.

The Saiga Conservation Alliance (SCA) is committed to saving the critically endangered saiga antelope from imminent extinction. We are a long-standing network of scientists and conservationists who work across saiga range states on grassroots projects informed by sound science. At the SCA we believe in bringing stakeholders together to emphasize human needs and to act as a catalyst for sustainable conservation solutions.
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How can we best engage people in saiga conservation?

In 2014, as part of their Masters courses at Imperial College London, Katie Mabbutt and Sophie Elliott travelled to Kazakhstan to carry out research into topics critical to the conservation of the saiga antelope.

The students were lucky enough to be able to take part in various Saiga Day festivities, speak with local adults and children, and to research the impact our work is having in these remote regions. Their results were very encouraging and each made insightful recommendations for future saiga conservation programmes.



Создан новый мультфильм о сайгаке

Мы вновь пригласили детей поучаствовать в совместном создании 2 серии мультфильма. «Степная сказка-2» - анимационный фильм, сделанный SCAна студии Гала-фильм с использованием замечательных детских рисунков. Детские голоса также звучат за кадром, поскольку дети помогли также озвучить мультфильм на русском, узбекском и английском языках.



New saiga cartoon launched

We have once again teamed up with local Uzbek children for a gripping new saiga cartoon, “A Steppe Tale 2.” They painted all the images and provided Uzbek, Russian and English voice-overs.


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